KCC - Krammer Clinic Consulting GmbH

At present KCC has 36 employees. They work in the areas organization, consulting, project management as well as information technology and -development.


Krammer Michael, DKHBW, managing partner

Krammer Burgi, Prokuristin


Datzberger Tanja

Distelberger Sandra, MA

Ecker Johanna, BA

Eßletzbichler Samuel

Gruber Renate

Handl Carina, BA, MBA

Hirner Julia, MSc

Hofegger Günther, Ing.

Holzinger Christoph

Hörhan Clemens

Hudler Stefanie

Karner Claudia, DKHBW, Mag.a (FH)

Karoly Sophie, BSc (WU)

Katzensteiner Katharina, BA

Ludwig Fiona

Pumhösel Matthias

Paumann Sabine, Mag.a (FH)

Plaimauer Ulrich, Ing.

Punz-Reidlinger Philipp

Pokorny Manuel, Ing.

Resch Thomas, Ing.

Resel Annemarie

Resel Lena, BA

Schallhaas Birgit

Schauer Daniel

Scherz Patrick, Ing.

Sirninger Benjamin, Ing.

Sorgner Bernhard, Ing.

Steinauer Ronald

Streicher Karin, BA

Trümmel Julia

Watzinger Thomas, BSc

Wieser Simon

Wurm Renate


In 1990 KCC - Krammer Clinic Consulting GmbH was founded by Michael Krammer und Burgi Krammer - known under the name of KCC - Krammer Computer Consulting GmbH. The company resulted from the idea to offer consulting services and industry-specific software "from practitioners for practitioners". Therefore our team has long-time personal hospital experience. The encouragement of our customers as well as the success of our range of services offered shows us how important it is for our customers to cooperate with consultants who feature line as well as process understanding for the daily hospital services. .

The company name has been changed into KCC - Krammer Clinic Consulting GmbH in 2006. At the beginning there was just one employee next to the founders in the company. Now the company has more than 30 employees (including the sister company OPTAN). They are instructed to follow the company policy. Moreover our employees are responsible for a successful processing of your individual requests. KCC is your partner in the field of consulting and IT-problems in the health care sector. We act in the terms of "competence" and "flexibility".

Mission statement

We are an independent company in private property. Every co-operation with all our partners is focused on this principle.

Our service in consulting- and project management is independent of the manufacturer. We are not in any contractual or possession relationship with any other company.

The impartial organisational requirements of our customers as well as the qualified wishes of the users ar the basics of our service.

All employees together with the management of KCC act like a "FAMILY". The company can count on the motivation and the sense of responsibility of everyone.

We provide best performance according to the best available technology. Due to Competence, Quality and Flexibility our customers bear our service mind.

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